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Not sure which synthetic hairstyle to choose? Don't despair! We've got you covered with the help of our hair obsessed fans! Here are our Top 10 Synthetic Wigs rated and reviewed by customers just like you. Whether it's an elegant occasion or simply for everyday wear, we'll have the perfect style to make you look and feel your very best. They were voted our Top 10 for a reason, so try one out and tell us how you fell in love with these wigs too!
  • Scorpio Synthetic Wig by Revlon

       178 Reviews

    by Jenny from Walla Walla, WA

    "Sassy & Classy"


    A perfect bob is one of my favorite hairstyles and now that I have no hair to speak of, Scorpio stepped up to fill the bill. The capless construction is lightweight and cool. The color I chose was 4-6R, Coffee Bean. It is so natural looking with the mix of three shades of brown. Not brassy at all. I would highly recommend the Scorpio for everyday wear or a striking look for a special occasion.
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  • Sparkle Synthetic Wig by Raquel Welch

       99 Reviews

    by Patricia J from Corvallis, MT

    "Amazing wig/Sparkle by Raquel Welch. Color here is glazed cinnamon plus."


    Raquel Welch's Sparkle wig! Awesome wig with great construction. So easy to just pop it on in the morning. I actually have plenty of hair but now I am spoiled by not having to wash, blow dry and use the curling iron every day. Plus...the wigs looks better! Love it
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  • Glam Rock Synthetic Wig by Forever Young

       42 Reviews

    by Mattie from long beach, CA



    i love this wig. it looks and feels real
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  • Picture Perfect Synthetic Wig by Forever Young

       132 Reviews

    by Marie from Berwick, LA

    "Head Turner"


    I love Forever Young wigs. This makes my sixth and I love it! I bought this one to have as a dresser style, I wore it to my daughter's graduation. I bought the 24B613. The bangs are perfect (not too long and can be side swept) and the hair is super soft. As with all the blondes, they are very shiny right out the box, but an overnight soak in a Dawn Liquid/White Vinegar bath cuts that shine trem
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  • Angelica Synthetic Wig by Noriko

       39 Reviews

    by robbye from gardena, ca

    "love this wig!"


    This is my 2nd wig, I also bought Gisele by Jon Renau which has waves. I wanted a straight wig too. I love this wig, it's long, silky and beautiful. I got it in medium brown which was lighter than I thought it would be but I actually love the color. Even though it's not a lace front, it looks really natural, i love the way the layers shape my face. In my picture is looks kind of orange but I thin
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  • Gala Synthetic Wig by Eva Gabor

       57 Reviews

    by Allison from Monroe, LA

    "Best purchase of my life!!!"


    I am 38 years old & suffer from thinning hair. I have tried all sorts of things to no avail. I finally got up the nerve to purchase my first wig last week. I got the wig just 3 days after ordering it, & I am still amazed at how much I love it! Everybody tells me it looks so natural...they cannot believe it's a wig! To not have to spend 20-30 minutes every morning putting products on my hair &
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  • Winner Synthetic Wig by Raquel Welch

       189 Reviews

    by Berta from Gilbert, MN

    "Best Wig Ever!"


    This is the fourth Winner wig I've ordered and I simply love it! Everywhere I go someone usually will come up to me and ask me where I get my hair cut and when I tell them it's a wig they're usually taken aback and can't believe it - love the expression on their faces! Then they'll proceed to ask me where I purchase my wigs and I do tell them.
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  • Petite Persuasion Monofilament Wig by Revlon

       36 Reviews

    by Gail from Millbrook, Alabama

    "Great Wig"


    I ordered this wig in petite size. I have a small head. I had to trim bangs. My neck is short so I may have to have it trimmed. But I love the fit. I will order a headband to hold in place. I am new to wigs so I will feel more secure with a headband to hold in place. I ordered the sunset color
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  • Roll With It Synthetic Wig by Forever Young

       220 Reviews

    by Abigail Berman from Pasco, Washington

    "Go from your worst to your best in minutes"


    If you are looking for a change or have cancer, this is the wig for you. I got it in the color that is pictured. I had expected it to be brown, but it came as red, like a red head red. So monitors don't tell the truth. But it does look beautiful on and I feel so much more like my old self. I can't wait to order another color! It looks so real! And it's so soft and feels like hair. It's just nice
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  • Angela Synthetic Wig by Sepia

       30 Reviews

    by Joy from Arizona

    "I was amazed!"


    I've always had long curly hair and because it is so hot where I live I chopped off my long hair. I was immediately disappointed with the way I looked. I finally decided to buy a wig but was really apprehensive. The minute I put this wig on I felt like my old self again and looked years younger. This particular wig was very long and I ended up cutting some of the length from it but if you want bea
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