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Top 10 Human Hair Wigs :: VogueWigs
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Looking for the best in Human Hair Wigs? We've got you covered with the help of our hair obsessed fans! Here are our Top 10 Human Hair Wigs rated and reviewed by customers just like you. Whether its for everyday wear or just to spice up your look, well have the perfect style to make you feel your very best. These were voted our top 10 for a reason, so try one out and tell us how you fell in love with these wigs too!
  • H-157

       25 Reviews

    by Sarah Gross from United States

    "AMAZING! "


    I'm a recovering cancer patient. I lost all of my hair. I had previously gotten a 500$ wig somewhere else. It was HORRIBLE! I found this on sale and it looks so real! The hair is soooooo soft and perfect! I did color it a softer blonde. The color it came as was more of a lemon toned color. But it's wonderful! ! I will be getting my hair from here FOREVER! !
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  • H-223

       15 Reviews

    by Geneva from Georgia

    "Love My New Hair!"


    Very pleased with my new hair! Wished I had ordered it for my daughter's wedding. Love the color (P4/27/30). My husband commented on how much he liked it and that it looked like my real hair. Will probably buy another one in a different color.
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  • H-291

       34 Reviews

    by Samantha from Minneapolis, MN

    "Great 20s Style"


    I ordered this for a production of Blithe Spirit. I needed a sleek, sassy 1920s style wig in a light light color and this fit the bill perfectly. The fit was excellent and incredibly flattering on the actress. The hair took color very well and was easy to maintain and clean throughout the run.
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  • Beguile Human Hair Wig

       19 Reviews

    by Venus from Jackson mi

    "Best wig ever"


    This wig is nice. It fits nice. It's not itchy. It's a soft cap. Hair is soft
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  • H-311

       29 Reviews

    by Dee from Valley Forge, PA

    "JUST RIGHT!!"


    Due to surgery, I wasn't able to use my hand to do my own hair. When able to return to work, I still needed help with my hair since my job is customer service and my appearance is essential to my job. I'm very particular about my appearance and wanted to look as natural as possible. After researching a few options, Wigs by Vivica Fox was without question the best quality and value for my money. I
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  • H-Jasmine

       27 Reviews

    by Starr from Long Island, New York

    "My favorite wig!"


    I usually buy synthetic wigs, this is my first real hair wig. For the money, it was so worth it! The front (bangs) were really long, so I was able to cut them just how I like. I was even able to blow them out in front of my face. This wig gives me such a cute Bettie-Page look! I love the length, because I have really short hair normally so this so much more to play with! The hair is so smooth and
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  • H-302

       35 Reviews

    by Kimberleigh Haynes from Dublin, Virginia

    "This is a FAB U LOUS wig!!!"


    I am absolutely in LOVE with this wig. My daughter and I literally fight over who gets to wear it! I think I'm just going to have to keep buying them because she and I both want to wear it. It's only fair that we both wear it, honestly, since it looks so good on both of us.
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  • H-6626 Lani

       13 Reviews

    by Renae from San Antonio

    "My favorite... Part 2!"


    I decided to really make this wig my own, and got creative! My sister gave me some old extension pieces... They were about 7 inches long, brown, straight silky human hair. I sewed them into the back of this wig... At different lengths and about 3 inches away from each other. I also added a track to the bang line... It was a little tricky, but well worth it! Then, I ironed it out some more.... And
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  • Megan

       54 Reviews

    by Jayne from San Francisco Peninsula, CA

    "Love the feel!"


    I purchased the Megan Human Hair Wig by Sepia in Color: T1B-12 this past year and I have to say I love the feel of real hair on my neck and shoulders. It's been a long time! I cut my hair short about 20 years ago. The price, in my opinion, is really reasonable. It hasn't really shed much and it does comes with fullness, so you have a wonderful canvas if you want to have it trimmed or styled. It d
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  • Sada-H

       12 Reviews

    by elyse from United States

    "4F30 First time wig purchaser"


    This wig looks very nice right out of the box! I throw it on my head and it looks great. I purchased the 4F30 and it was much lighter than I wanted but I kept it anyway. Super easy care and cute flapper style.
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