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Tired of short hair or just looking to add some volume but donít know where to start? Take a look at our Top 10 Hair Extensions reviewed by our hair obsessed fans! From synthetic to human hair... wavy to straight, we have a beautiful style for everyone to choose from. So try one out and tell us how you fell in love too!
  • 23" Wavy Clip-In Hair Extensions by hairdo

       71 Reviews

    by Jeanne from Beacon, NY



    color R14-25 clipped in in in 3 secs & used 2 small extension pieces near my roots (my own extensions, not part of this piece) as my own hair is shorter. My hair looked so real, I felt like I was the younger me w/ long, wavy hair! 1,000 stars to this product! love the range of colors too!!!
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  • Styleable Headband Fall Hair Extensions by Jessica Simpson hairdo

       34 Reviews

    by Karen from New Zealand

    "Fabulous long hair without the hassle"


    Oooh, I love this piece. It's so easy to put on, and looks great. The band grips well, but never hurts. The only issue I have is that my natural hair is to my nape, and I have to pin it up so it's not seen when the long hair flicks up in a breeze. Lovely color, natural in that it's blended blondes. I got R21T
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  • 10" easiVolume Human Hair Extension by easihair

       38 Reviews

    by Nicole from New York, NY

    "Easi Indeed and Beautiful Too!"


    I bought Jon Reneau%u2019s 10 inch easiVolume hair extensions in the color Dark Brown (4). These clip-ins are amazing. They%u2019re layered so that they are thicker than other clip in hair extensions I%u2019ve used in the past. There are four clips per weft and they have a slight curve to better fit the shape of a head. These clips are very comfortable and easy to put in, hence the name! They%u20
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  • 18" easiVolume Human Hair Extensions by easiXtend

       17 Reviews

    by Christina from Augusta, Georgia



    Thank goodness I found these. I never thought I would ever have to buy hair. Being that before now I had always had so much hair. However, due to an extreme diet and mountains of stress, my hair decided to rebel. It truly started weighing on my confidence. I'm so glad I found these. They're exactly what I needed. I ordered them in the color 22MB.
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  • 14" easiVolume Human Hair Extension by easihair

       25 Reviews

    by Tina from Napoleon, OH

    "Just what I needed"


    I read every review before making purchases, so I hope this helps someone! I love this extension!! It's my first experience with extensions and I bought the piece due to a recent hair loss of about 2/3 my volume due to a thyroid condition. I knew the 10" would be too short and the 14" too long, but figured I would cut the length as needed. I did eventually do this, but the photo I'm submitt
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  • 12" easiPart Human Hair extensions by easihair

       15 Reviews

    by Rosalie from Lakeville, MA



    I finally got brave enough to buy some hair! I cannot express how happy I am with this piece! I've had lupus and Hashimoto's for 15 years and many of the medications don't help with the hair loss either. I bought shade 4-27-30. It's a bit darker than my own hair(what's left of it) but it blends very well. It's silky smooth and lustrous! It's very easy to apply. It stays very secure and is quite l
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  • 22" Straight Clip-In Hair Extensions by hairdo

       36 Reviews

    by Jeanne from Beacon, NY

    "TY Jessica & Ken XoX"


    I got 14-88 & bec. my real hair is short, I also used a new ombre extension piece on the bottom of my head & put this piece higher up on my head!
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  • 12" easiPart Heat Defiant extensions by easihair

       24 Reviews

    by KAT from Joshua Tree, CA

    "Comfortable way to cover gray roots or thinning hair"


    I have a few 3/4 wigs to cover roots, and I love them, but they add a whole lot of hair which pretty much covers your own giving a much thicker, more glamorous head of hair. This is just a little hairpiece without a lot of hair, made just to hide thin hair or roots. It does a nice job of it without making a major change in your whole hairstyle. It feels more like wearing a hair clip than a wig.
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  • 21" Bump Up The Volume Hair Extensions by Jessica Simpson hairdo

       11 Reviews

    by tiziana from Italy

    "get more colours"


    great piece! you should get all colours!!!
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  • 5 Piece Fine Line Synthetic Extensions by Jessica Simpson hairdo

       27 Reviews

    by Cynthia from Missouri

    "I love this product so much...."


    that I have bought FIVE sets - two / three that I will wear and a couple extra "just in case." I own some human hair extensions but they are not near as nice as these are! The fine line are so thin, and so comfortable, you can't feel them - but you can see you have thicker, sleeker hair. If you're looking for a full head of hair, these are not your extensions as they aren't meant for that.
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