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Top 10 Synthetic Wigs :: VogueWigs
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Not sure which synthetic hairstyle to choose? Don't despair! We've got you covered with the help of our hair obsessed fans! Here are our Top 10 Synthetic Wigs rated and reviewed by customers just like you. Whether it's an elegant occasion or simply for everyday wear, we'll have the perfect style to make you look and feel your very best. They were voted our Top 10 for a reason, so try one out and tell us how you fell in love with these wigs too!
  • Scorpio

       195 Reviews

    by Jo from Utah

    "Love it! Classic Color Pecan"


    I was hesitant to purchase this item...wasn't sure how the style would look. I wear all kinds of styles. This one is a great go to classic. There was a stray strand that kept falling in my face and the bangs were long on me. I never buy a wig thinking I won't have to trim or style it. I took the strand and blended it forward into the bangs and then trimmed the bangs to my liking. I love that it is
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  • Sparkle

       122 Reviews

    by Patricia J from Corvallis, MT

    "Amazing wig/Sparkle by Raquel Welch. Color here is glazed cinnamon plus."


    Raquel Welch's Sparkle wig! Awesome wig with great construction. So easy to just pop it on in the morning. I actually have plenty of hair but now I am spoiled by not having to wash, blow dry and use the curling iron every day. Plus...the wigs looks better! Love it
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  • Glam Rock

       43 Reviews

    by Mattie from long beach, CA



    i love this wig. it looks and feels real
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  • Angelica

       43 Reviews

    by Jeanne from Beacon, NY

    "My Fav Non Monofilament Wig!"


    If you are a wig wearer, you haven't lived till you've owned an Angelica
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  • Picture Perfect

       147 Reviews

    by Ilona from ny

    "Love it color hl4-33"


    Just love it, it's light and the color rocks. Dark brown
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  • Petite Persuasion

       36 Reviews

    by Gail from Millbrook, Alabama

    "Great Wig"


    I ordered this wig in petite size. I have a small head. I had to trim bangs. My neck is short so I may have to have it trimmed. But I love the fit. I will order a headband to hold in place. I am new to wigs so I will feel more secure with a headband to hold in place. I ordered the sunset color
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  • Winner

       209 Reviews

    by Berta from Gilbert, MN

    "Best Wig Ever!"


    This is the fourth Winner wig I've ordered and I simply love it! Everywhere I go someone usually will come up to me and ask me where I get my hair cut and when I tell them it's a wig they're usually taken aback and can't believe it - love the expression on their faces! Then they'll proceed to ask me where I purchase my wigs and I do tell them.
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  • Cinch

       100 Reviews

    by paula j from rockwall, texas

    "Go to wig ..."


    I have ordered several of this wig .... after b/c chemo my hair did not grow back with the thickness it had prior ... I live in North Texas and wigs are not my friend during the summer here, but this wig works ... short and cool ... Get compliments on it all the time ...
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  • Angela

       30 Reviews

    by Joy from Arizona

    "I was amazed!"


    I've always had long curly hair and because it is so hot where I live I chopped off my long hair. I was immediately disappointed with the way I looked. I finally decided to buy a wig but was really apprehensive. The minute I put this wig on I felt like my old self again and looked years younger. This particular wig was very long and I ended up cutting some of the length from it but if you want bea
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  • Roll With It

       233 Reviews

    by Deb from Upstate NY

    "Love it!!!"


    This is one of my favorite pieces. I love the amount of hair - it is very full and super-healthy looking. RWI is such a youthful look. I like how it is long enough to tie back in a ponytail when I'm at the gym, because working out with all this hair loose would be a bit much. The cap is very comfortable. All-day wear is no problem. I like to wear this wig when I'm out on the town, but I also like
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